Just Released FREE “MuscleUp” iPhone app for push up aid – with GameCenter, iOS 5 Tweets!

“MuscleUp” just released today, Oct 11, 2011. This app has created by collaboration of J-Tech Creations, Inc. and JTECH JAPAN.
This app helps you to count and manage your push ups.

MuscleUp Icon
MuscleUp Icon

AppStore Link
AppStore Link

This app by made istb16 (istb16) on Twitter my co-worker.This is what this app does.
Start Menu
Start Menu

  • Push Up count with Proximity sensor
  • Push Up Screen
    Push Up Screen

    This app uses proximity sensor, so you don’t need to touch jaw to count push-up.

  • iOS 5 Tweets
  • tweet push-ups count
    tweet push-ups count

    You can tweet push up count with iOS new function. You can either set with auto-tweet or put your comment. Also you can disable this feature.

  • History graph
  • History Graph
    History Graph

    You can check how you are doing with history graph.

  • Gamecenter
  • GameCenter

    GameCenter 2
    You can check your achievement and ranking.

That’s the overview, please enjoy muscle-up!


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